Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic has been offering fast, safe pain relief and improved health for everyone - from babies just days old to seniors - for over 100 years. Combine that record with the clinical knowledge of Dr. Jason Insera, Dr. Shaun Waldman, and Dr. Greg Sheperd, and you have the perfect recipe for eliminating pain and getting back to work and play. 

All of our doctors have lived and raised their families in Las Vegas for years. We know what you're going through, from long commutes to long hours to all of life's little (and sometimes big) ups and downs in between. Let us treat you like family and free you from pain, tension, and stress.
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Physiotherapy is designed to complement the chiropractic adjustment to speed pain relief and healing. Our modalities include:
Electrical stimulation - reduces inflammation and pain
Flexion-distraction - an effective treatment for lower back aches
Roller table massage - therapy for stiff spinal joints
Hot water percussion massage - loosens muscle spasms
Spinal decompression - a treatment suited for disc injuries
Trigger point therapy - loosens muscle knots to improve motion
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Massage Therapy

If you're stiff, sore, or just ready to take a break from life, the skilled hands of our massage therapists are ready to revitalize your body and mind, melt away stress, and leave you blissfully relaxed. 

We offer a wide range of massage options to perfectly suit whatever you need, and our optional Massage Club membership is the perfect way to feel your best, for less. 
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